177 VIERKANTE METER 2012 – 2013

Embassies fill a substantial part of our political capital The Hague. Often located in imposing buildings where a lot happens behind closed doors. 177 VIERKANTE METER wants the diplomatic world, the arts and the public to meet each other and reduce the division between formal and informal.

The project De Binnenstedelijke Wereldreis (Interurban World Tour) provides an experimental platform where embassies can share what characterises their embassy and the culture they represent in a new and accessible way.To research the possibilities of this concept we visited a large number of embassies which resulted in the exhibition 177 KOPJES KOFFIE in GEMAK | Vrije Academie, The Hague. Here we showed our findings and gave an artistic view on what our next steps in the project are going to be.

As follow-up to the project 177 VIERKANTE METER is realising the Embassy on Wheels in collaboration with the embassies in The Hague. The participating embassies will provide a programme for the Embassy on Wheels, a small, mobile exhibition space, easy to adjust in size and form and transported by a four-headed cycling-vehicle.

Project group (with Soraya Welvaart, Marije Gertenbach and Lieke Frielink)

Website: www.177vierkantemeter.wordpress.com
Funding: www.voordekunst.nl

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